Mushroom Corals or Corallimorphs are great beginner corals because they are some of the easiest species to care for. I recommend mushroom corals for hobbyists at any level. They are hardy, tolerant of some less than ideal reef tank parameters or conditions, will grow in areas of lower light, and can be easily fragged or will reproduce on their own.

  • Scientific names: Corallimorpharia, Actinodiscus, Discosoma, Rhodactis, Ricordea
  • Care level: Most species are easy, a few of the more rare mushrooms require moderate care
  • Light level: Most require low to moderate light intensity/quality, a few of the brightest color varieties do need higher intensity light
  • Flow level: Most require low to moderate water flow
  • Aggression: Mostly Peaceful. No stinging sweeper tentacles, but it will try to outgrow and grow over any nearby corals.
  • Where to place: Bottom of the tank, will generally thrive in lower light than most other corals, will also thrive in moderate light