WYSIWYG Monthly Corals Auctions - Starts the 2nd Friday of the Month at NOON and ends Sunday @10:30pm EST

Next Auction Starts July 12th @12pm Est Time

  • Coupon codes do not apply on auction items.
  • Standard Shipping Rates Apply – Please check out the shipping page for your exact rate
  • Failure to pay for auction winnings in 60 Hours can forfeit your winnings 
  • Starting Bids will be $1 on Every Coral- No Reserve Prices
  • Any Bids in the last 60 seconds of an Auction will Automatically add 5 Minutes to that Auction only- this will continue until there are no Bids in last 60 seconds           


 Proxy Bidding is available 

How it works:

Lets say you are willing to spend $10 on a coral and the current bid is $2, no need to watch the auction just bid $10 and the system will bid $3 for you, and then  automatically bid $1 more until your maximum bid is reached, you will also receive and email when you get outbid

Payment & Shipping:

  • Payment must be made within 60 hours.
  • If you won multiple items, Please check them out all at once, if you need help with this contact me.
  • I will hold your corals until you’re ready to receive them, but you must pay for them- Please reach out to me to arrange a date.
  • Kindly reach out to me by email or on Facebook to arrange a shipping date or pick up date.

LOCAL PICK-UP is available in KINGS PARK, NY

  • Payment must still be made oIn local pick up orders
  • f you won multiple items, please check out all corals at once.
  • Once you have paid for your corals, Kindly reach out to me by email or on Facebook to arrange an appointment time to pick up your corals

Any Question please email me Longislandcorals@gmail.com

Also Please Join My Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1187843835313554.